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ePath3D Desktop ePath3D Online(new)
starts from $530.00 per user starts from $179.00 per user

Desktop version will be delivered on
DVD, supported in Windows 32 bit OS**

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Create your own pathways in minutes. Don't confine productivity to the office.

  • System Requirements
    • CPU : 2 GHz or more
    • RAM : 512 MB or more
    • HDD Space : 2 GB for the application 3.5 GB for additional pathways
    • OS : Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows 7 (32 Bit)
    • Software Requirements : Internet Explore 5.5 or above Flash Player 6 or above
  • All ePath3D images are compatible with
    • PowerPoint
    • MS Word
    • and other Microsoft Office software
  • Draw 3D signaling and metabolic pathway images
  • Thousands of annotated protein data
  • Ideal pathway illustration tool for online publications and presentations
  • Draw, store and link pathways to protein data
Access your projects anytime anywhere Plus:
  • Categorized Protein, Receptor and Interaction items for standardization of Pathways
  • Vast collections of Vector Diagrams including Proteins, Receptors, Cells, Organelles, Organs and Accessory Items
  • Access 40 premade pathway templates and the number grows as 4 new templates added every month.
  • Option to link items to Publication repository like Pub-Med or any other online databases
  • Export to various formats like PDF, JPG, PNG, BMP etc.
  • Export high resolution PDF’s and PNG's for printing
  • Social sharing options to share your creations with your friends and colleagues
  • Export for offline viewing or presentation
  • No installation hassles, real time application updates
  • System Requirements
    • CPU: 2 GHz or more
    • RAM : 1 GB or more
    • Browser : Internet Explorer/ Firefox/ Chrome/ Safari/ Opera
    • OS : Windows, Linux, and Mac OS
    • Software Requirements : Adobe Flash Player 10 or above on browser
Multiple Users License for ePath3D Online/ Desktop

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If your institute or university requires online version for more than 5 users then this plan is ideal. It is a lot cheaper and the online version only requires your institute IPs to setup.

The disc version will be cheaper for multiple users as there will be no multiple shipping and only a single disc with separate installation keys can set the software to use.

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  • ** ePath3D Desktop is not supported on Vista or Windows 7(64 bit) operating system.