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    CD40 pathway adapted from pathway database (Fig 11).
  1. Using high-throughput genomics to study hepatitis C: What determines the outcome of infection?
    Used Pathway Builder to help diagram IFN-signaling pathways in mice (Fig 4).
  1. Evidence of the role of tick subolesin in gene expression
    Protein Lounge database used to determine protein ontology.
  1. A Diagram Editor for Efficient Biomedical Knowledge Capture and Integration.
    Protein Lounge mentioned as a "[tool] to produce presentation quality pathway diagrams containing beautiful, pre-made icons and stencils together with extensive manual annotations."
  1. HIV-1 Activates Macrophages Independent of Toll-Like Receptors.
    Protein Lounge Pathway Database used to help construct pathways.
  1. Insilico Modelling of T-Cell Signalling netwrok.
    Poster. Protein Lounge database used to help design a T cell signaling poster.
  1. Regulatory potential for concerted modulation of Nrf2- and Nfkb1-mediated gene expression in inflammation and carcinogenesis.
    Made a pathway for Nrf2–Nfkb1 using Pathway Builder (Fig4).
  1. Computational approaches to study transcriptional regulation
    Babu MM. Biochem Soc Trans 36: 758-765. Protein Lounge mentioned as a transcription factor database.
  1. Ganglioside GD1a suppresses TNFa expression via Pkn1 at the transcriptional level in mouse osteosarcoma-derived FBJ cells
    Wang L, Y Wang, T Sato, S Yamagata and T Yamagata. Biochem and Biophys Res Comm 371: 230-235. Used Protein Lounge to identify target sequence of Pkn1 siRNA.
  1. Msx2 Exerts Bone Anabolism via Canonical Wnt Signaling.
    Custom sequences for mouse LRP5 and LRP6 knockdown were designed using Easy siRNA software.
  1. Myosin II has distinct functions in PNS and CNS myelin sheath formation.
    Two 19-nucleotide shRNAs (MLC1, 5′-GCACGGAGCGAAAGACAAA-3′; and MLC2, 5′-GAGGCCTTCAACATGATCG-3′) targeting the regulatory (light) chain of rat myosin II (MLC) were designed using Easy siRNA from Protein Lounge.
  1. Diffusible retinal secretions regulate the expression of tight junctions and other diverse functions of the retinal pigment epithelium .
    Used Protein lounge to identify cohorts for RPE function.
  1. Thinking Beyond the Wire: Emerging Biologic Relationships in Orthodontics and Periodontology
    Uses Protein Lounge''s NF-kappaB pathway (Fig 2).
  1. Dissecting the human plasma proteome and inflammatory response biomarkers
    Used protein lounge database to study presence of hub proteins in pathways.
  1. A rational strategy for a malarial vaccine development
    Protein Lounge Pathway Database was used for figure design of life cycle of Malaria parasite (Fig 1).
  1. Gap junctional control of glial glutamate transporter expression
    Figiel M, C Allritz, C Lehmann, and J Engele. Mol Cell Neurosci 35: 130–137. siRNA database used to design Rat Cx43 (accession number, NM 012567) siRNA (5!-AAAGTTGCTGCTGGACATGAA- 3!), and non-homologous (nh) siRNA (5!- AATTCTCCGAACGTGTCACGT-3!).
  1. ThermoScientific RIPK1 antibody page
    Information from Protein Lounge used to summarize the RIPK1 gene.
  1. Comparative genomics and proteomics to study tissue-specific response and function in natural Mycobacterium bovis infections
    Naranjo V, C Gortazar, M Villar, and J Fuente. Animal Health Res Rev 1: 81–88. Protein Lounge reference database used to determine protein ontology.
  1. Proteomic and transcriptomic analyses of differential stress/inflammatory responses in mandibular lymph nodes and oropharyngeal tonsils of European wild boars naturally infected with Mycobacterium bovis
    Naranjo V et al. Proteomics 7: 220–231. Protein reference database used to determine protein ontology.
  1. Analysis of the RPE transcriptome reveals dynamic changes during the development of the outer blood-retinal barrier.
    Paid.2007.Protein Lounge Databases.
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