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Tue, 17 Jan 2017 16:30:42 EST
'5-D protein fingerprinting' could give insights into Alzheimer's, Parkinson's
In research that could one day lead to advances against neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, engineering researchers have demonstrated a technique for precisely measuring the properties of individual protein molecules floating in a liquid.
Tue, 17 Jan 2017 16:30:39 EST
Researchers zero-in on cholesterol's role in cells
For the first time, by using a path-breaking optical imaging technique to pinpoint cholesterol's location and movement within the cell membrane, chemists have made the surprising finding that cholesterol is a signaling molecule that transmits messages across the cell membrane.
Tue, 17 Jan 2017 16:30:36 EST
Strength of hair inspires new materials for body armor
In a new study, researchers are investigating why hair is incredibly strong and resistant to breaking. The findings could lead to the development of new materials for body armor and help cosmetic manufacturers create better hair care products.
Tue, 17 Jan 2017 14:01:53 EST
Study applies game theory to genomic privacy
A new study presents an unorthodox approach to protect the privacy of genomic data, showing how optimal trade-offs between privacy risk and scientific utility can be struck as genomic data are released for research. The framework can be used to suppress just enough genomic data to persuade would-be snoops that their best privacy attacks will be unprofitable.
Tue, 17 Jan 2017 14:01:22 EST
Scientists discover drug that increases 'good' fat mass and function
An FDA-approved drug has been identified that can create the elusive and beneficial brown fat. Mice treated with the drug had more brown fat, faster metabolisms, and lower body weight gain, even after being fed a high-calorie diet. The researchers say the technique, which uses cellular reprogramming, could be a new way to combat obesity and type II diabetes.
Tue, 17 Jan 2017 14:01:05 EST
Calorie restriction lets monkeys live long and prosper
Settling a persistent scientific controversy, a long-awaited report shows that restricting calories does indeed help rhesus monkeys live longer, healthier lives.
Tue, 17 Jan 2017 14:00:43 EST
Why 'platonic' flies don't copulate and what that could mean for humans
By studying the sexual behavior of a mutant strain of fruit fly called 'platonic,' researchers have found parallels between humans and flies in the neural control of copulation.
Tue, 17 Jan 2017 14:00:36 EST
Opioids produce analgesia via immune cells
Opioids are the most powerful painkillers. Researchers have now found that the analgesic effects of opioids are not exclusively mediated by opioid receptors in the brain, but can also be mediated via the activation of receptors in immune cells.
Tue, 17 Jan 2017 13:59:40 EST
Successful antibody trial in HIV individuals
A research team has tested a new HIV neutralizing antibody, called 10-1074, in humans. The results of the trial have just been published.
Tue, 17 Jan 2017 13:59:35 EST
Must-see-TV: Educational shows that entertain have greater impact on faithful viewers
A study of viewing audiences shows that the television programs most effective at imparting an educational message about social behaviors are the ones that keep people watching engaged and coming back for more.
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