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Airway Inflammation in Asthma

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Asthma is a complex, chronic inflammatory lung disease which is characterized by persistent airway inflammation and airway wall remodeling, that includes the structural changes in the airway wall, epithelial cell shedding, hyperplasia and hypertrophy of the ASM (airway smooth muscle) bundles, basement membrane thickening and increased vascular density. Airway wall remodeling starts early in the pathogenesis of asthma [Ref.1]. It originates from complex interactions between genetic factors and environmental agents such as aeroallergens and respiratory viruses [Ref.2]. In the airway lumen, TSLP, IL-25, and IL-33 acts directly on dendritic cells and then it processes the antigenic molecules and present them to Th0 (naïve T helper cells) [Ref.3]. Further, Th0 get differentiated into Th1, Th2, Treg cells and Th17. Then, the [...]


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