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Alpha-Adrenergic Signaling

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ADRs (Adrenergic Receptors) are expressed on virtually every cell type in the body and are the receptors for Adrenaline, Epinephrine and Norepinephrine within the Sympathetic Nervous System. They serve critical roles in maintaining homeostasis in normal physiologic settings as well as pathologic states. These receptors are also targets for therapeutically administered agonists and antagonists (Ref.1). ADRs are members of the super family of cell surface receptors that carry out signaling via GPCR (G-Protein Coupled Receptors) and are divided into nine distinct subtypes: ADR-Alpha1A, ADR-Alpha1B, ADR-Alpha1D, ADR-Alpha2A, ADR-Alpha2B, ADR-Alpha2C, ADR-Beta1, ADR-Beta2 and ADR-Beta3. ADR-Alpha2 is implicated in diverse physiological functions particularly of the cardiovascular system and the CNS (Central Nervous System) (Ref.3 & 4).

Unlike ADR-Beta, which is coupled to activation of AC (Adenyl Cyclase), ADR-Alpha are coupled through [...]


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