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BDNF Pathway

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Neurotrophins are an important class of signaling molecules in the brain responsible for axon targeting, neuron growth, maturation of synapses during development, and synaptic plasticity. This family of molecules includes NGF (Nerve Growth Factor), BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor), NT3 (Neurotrophin-3) and NT4 (Neurotrophin-4) [Ref.1].

Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) is one of the neurotrophic factors that support differentiation, maturation, and survival of neurons in the nervous system and shows a neuroprotective effect under adverse conditions, such as glutamatergic stimulation, cerebral ischemia, hypoglycemia, and neurotoxicity. BDNF stimulates and controls growth of new neurons from neural stem cells (neurogenesis) and BDNF protein and mRNA have been identified in most brain areas including the olfactory bulb, cortex, hippocampus, basal forebrain, mesencephalon, hypothalamus, brainstem [...]


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