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Biosynthesis of Chorismate in Bacteria and Plants

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In micro-organisms and plants the biosynthesis of aromatic compounds proceeds via the common seven-step aromatic or shikimate pathway to the branch point intermediate chorismate. This intermediate is subsequently converted to the three aromatic amino acids via specific terminal pathways. Many other aromatic compounds are derived either partially or entirely from chorismate or from other pathway intermediates or end products.

The first step in the biosynthesis of Chorismate involves PEP (Phosphoenolpyruvate) from glycolysis and E-4-P (Erythrose 4-Phosphate) from the Pentose Phosphate Cycle. These two precursors are condensed and then cyclized to form 3-Dehydroquinate, followed by removal of a water and a reduction step to produce Shikimate. The first cyclic intermediate for this biosynthesis is DAHP (2-keto 3-Deoxy-Arabino-Heptulosonate Phosphate) catalyzed by DAHP Synthase. [...]


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