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Brassinosteroid Signaling in Arabidopsis

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Plant growth and development are ruled by environmental and endogenous signals, which are integrated through genetic networks that finally act on the division, expansion, and differentiation of cells to generate specific developmental patterns. BRs (Brassinosteroids) are steroid hormones belonging to the group of endogenous signals required for plant growth and organogenesis, controlling processes such as Cell Expansion, Vascular Differentiation, Etiolation and Reproductive Development. In addition to a role in Plant growth and development, BR has been also implicated in the modulation of Plant Stress Responses, including Enhancement of Chilling, Thermo, Salt-tolerance and Protection of Plant from the Mild Drought Injury and Pathogen Attack. Plants those are defective in BR biosynthesis or perception display characteristic mutant phenotypes that include a Dwarf [...]


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