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CCKBR-Gastrin Stimulated Signaling

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Multicellular organisms have developed highly efficient mechanisms of cell communication to integrate and coordinate the function and proliferation of individual cell types. Gastrointestinal peptides, including gastrin and CCK (Cholecystokinin), are a structurally diverse group of molecular messengers that function in a rich network of information exchange systems throughout the organism. Gastrin, produced by G-Cells in the gastric antrum, has been identified as the circulating hormone responsible for stimulation of acid secretion from the parietal cell. Gastrin also acts as a potent cell-growth factor that has been implicated in a variety of normal and abnormal biological processes including maintenance of the gastric mucosa, proliferation of ECL (Enterochromaffin-like Cells), and neoplastic transformation. The binding of gastrin or CCK to their common cognate [...]


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2.Stimulation of gastrin-CCKB receptor promotes migration of gastric AGS cells via multiple paracrine pathways.
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