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CD4 and CD8 T-Cell Lineage

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Cell-fate specification is a key developmental event. The physiological function of a multicellular organism depends on the generation of the proper number and diversity of cell types. Signals from broadly expressed receptors that interact with co-evolved germ-line ligands control most differentiation decisions. But, adaptive immunity depends on the function of T and B-cells, which express unique surface receptors that are created by somatic DNA rearrangement and random chain pairing. These clonal receptors help to determine which precursor lymphocytes will successfully mature. Therefore, the lineage-specific differentiation of immature CD4+CD8+ (CD4 Antigen Positive CD8 Antigen Positive) T-cells into CD4+ or CD8+ mature T-cells is regulated by clonally expressed, somatically generated TCRs (T-Cell Receptors) of unpredictable fine specificity. Each mature T-cell generally retains expression of [...]


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