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CDC42-Actin Interactions in S. cerevisiae

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Actin cortical patches are one of the major cytoskeletal structures in yeast and are essential for normal Endocytosis, Cell Growth and Morphology. Actin cortical patches are associated with invaginations of the plasma membrane and occur in polarized clusters at regions of cell growth in budding cells (Ref.1). Patch Assembly probably begins with the association of assembly factors recruited to the plasma membrane by CDC42 (Cell Division Control Protein-42) and its associated proteins and is then followed by nucleation of Actin filaments and Actin-dependent association of proteins regulating filament assembly and stability. Prior to bud emergence in S. cerevisiae (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), cells polarize the Actin cytoskeleton toward the future bud site and assemble a Septin ring at that site. Reorganization of [...]


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