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CNTF Signaling

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CNTF (Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor) is a protein expressed in glial cells, which stimulates gene expression and cell survival and differentiation in a variety of neuronal cell populations and acts as a lesion factor involved in the prevention of nerve degeneration after injury. It is a member of the GP130 (130-kDa Glycoprotein) cytokine family along with structurally related hemato- and neuropoietic cytokines IL-6 (Interleukin-6), IL-11 (Interleukin-11), LIF (Leukemia Inhibitory Factor), OSM (Oncostatin M), CT-1 (Cardiotrophin-1), Leptin and CLC (Cardiotrophin-Like Cytokine). The actions of CNTF are mediated, in part by CNTFR-Alpha (CNTF-specific Receptor). Upon translation, the C-terminus of CNTFR-Alpha is cleaved. Mature CNTFR-Alpha has no transmembrane or cytosolic domains and is found on the outer surface of the cell membrane where it [...]


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