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Cellular Immune Responses to HBV

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HBV (Hepatitis-B Virus) belongs to a family of closely related DNA viruses called the Hepadnaviruses. Included in this family are the WHV (Woodchuck Hepatitis Virus), the DHBV (Duck Hepatitis-B Virus) and several other avian and mammalian variants. All the hepadnaviruses have similar hepatotropism and life cycles in their hosts. Hepadnavirus replication is believed to be largely restricted to the liver because virus entry into hepatocytes is dependent on the presence of a receptor that is predominantly expressed on this cell type (Ref.1). The viral genome of HBV is a partially duplex circular DNA of 3.2 kb that encodes four overlapping open reading frames. The preS–S (presurface–surface) region of the genome encodes the three viral surface antigens by differential initiation of [...]


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