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Cyclins and Cell Cycle Regulation

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Progress in the eukaryotic cell cycle is driven by oscillations in the activities of CDKs (Cyclin-Dependent Kinases). CDK activity is controlled by periodic synthesis and degradation of positive regulatory subunits, Cyclins, as well as by fluctuations in levels of negative regulators, by CKIs (CDK Inhibitors), and by reversible phosphorylation. The mammalian cell cycle consists of four discrete phases: S-phase, in which DNA is replicated; M-phase, in which the chromosomes are separated over two new nuclei in the process of mitosis. These two phases are separated by two so called “Gap” phases, G1 and G2, in which the cell prepares for the upcoming events of S and M, respectively (Ref.1). The different Cyclins, specific for the G1-, S-, or M-phases of [...]


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