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Cytokinin Signaling in Arabidopsis

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CKs (Cytokinins), a group of Phytohormones, are involved in the regulation of various processes in plant growth and development such as Cell Division Control, Shoot Meristem Initiation, Leaf and Root Differentiation, Chloroplast Biogenesis, Stress Tolerance, and Senescence. Cytokinins occur as a bound form in the tRNA of most organisms, including plants, but plants also possess significant amounts of free Cytokinins. Naturally occurring Cytokinins are Adenine derivatives that carry either an Isoprene-derived or an Aromatic side chain at the N6 terminus. There are Synthetic Cytokinins derived from DPU (Diphenylurea) that are structurally unrelated to the Adenine type Cytokinins. The structure and conformation of the side chain are critical to the activity of the respective Cytokinin. One of the most abundant Cytokinins [...]


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