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Ephrin-Eph Signaling

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In numerous processes that are vital for the development and maintenance of organism function, cells must communicate crucial information to respond appropriately to the changing environment. As such, RTKs (Receptor Tyrosine Kinases) are transmembrane proteins, which, on receiving an external stimulus, respond by transmitting a signal to the inside of the cell. Of all the RTKs that are found in the human genome, the Eph Receptor family and their ligands the Ephrins, constitutes the largest family.

The Eph family of RTKs which has 14 members and their ligands, the Ephrins, are prominently involved in several developmental processes such as boundary formation, cell migration, axon guidance, synapse formation and angiogenesis. In vertebrates, Eph Receptors are divided into two groups, the EphA class [...]


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