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Extrinsic Prothrombin Activation Pathway

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Thrombin/TFIIa (Activated Factor-II) is a coagulation protein that has many effects in the Coagulation cascade, the homeostatic process of greatest interest. It is a multifunctional serine proteinase best known for its ability to cleave Fibrinogen to Fibrin. Fibrin forms an essential component of the Blood Clot. When a blood vessel is injured, bleeding is stopped by clotting factors which form a Thrombus/Clot of Fibrin threads that trap platelet aggregates. A clot is a jelly-like mass of thickened blood composed of Fibrin and platelet aggregates. The first step in clotting is adhesion of platelets, which are fragments of blood cells that circulate in the blood, to the cut edges of a damaged blood vessel. In this way, a platelet plug is [...]


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