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G-Protein Signaling through Tubby Protein

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The Tubby protein is the founding member of a multigene protein family that plays an important role in maintenance and function of neuronal cells during development and post-differentiation. Currently, four Tubby gene family members (TUB, TULP1, TULP2 and TULP3) have been identified, which are conserved among different species of mammals (Ref.1). Besides, Tubby-like proteins are also found in other multicellular organisms including plants. These proteins feature a characteristic "Tubby domain" of approximately 260 amino acids at the C-terminus that forms a unique helix-filled barrel structure; this C-terminal domain binds avidly to double-stranded DNA. Most Tubby proteins include NH2-terminal regions that, in general, are not closely related to one another. These NH2-terminal regions, however, are often similar in cross-species orthologs. They [...]


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