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Germ Cell-Sertoli Cell Junction Dynamics

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Sertoli-Germ (Spermatid)-cell interactions affect spermatogenesis at the molecular, cellular and biochemical levels. Germ cell movement within the epithelium is vital because germ cells, if induced to release into the tubule lumen prematurely, will be unable to fertilize the ovum. On the other hand, if germ cells are forced to remain attached to the seminiferous epithelium for a period of time longer than necessary to complete their development, they will degenerate and eventually be phagocytosed by Sertoli cells and for this, proper regulation of germ cell migration in the seminiferous epithelium and at blood-testes barrier (abbreviated as BTB) is essential (Ref.1). Spermatid/germ cell and sertoli cell interactions in the testis occur through specialized junctions at sites of cell-cell and cell-matrix contact [...]


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