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Gibberellin Synthesis in Arabidopsis

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GAs (Gibberellic Acids or Gibberellins) form a large family of diterpenoid compounds, some of which are bioactive growth regulators, which control diverse developmental processes such as seed germination, stem elongation, leaf expansion, trichome development, and flower and fruit development. Gibberellins are classified on the basis of structure as well as function. All Gibberellins are derived from the ent-Gibberellane skeleton. The Gibberellins are named GA1.... GAn in order of discovery. GA3 (Gibberellin-3) is the first Gibberellin to be structurally characterized. There are currently 136 GAs identified from plants, fungi and bacteria. GAs are widespread and so far ubiquitous in both flowering (Angiosperms) and non-flowering (Gymnosperms) plants as well as ferns. GA mediates environmental stimuli, which modify the flux through the GA-Biosynthetic Pathway. Regulation [...]


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