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Glutathione Metabolism in B. melitensis

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Brucella is a Gram-negative aerobic pathogen that is distringuished from most other pathogens because it does not have "obvious virulence factors" like capsules, fimbriae, flagella, exotoxins, exproteases, or other exoenzymes, cytolysins, resistance forms, antigenic variation, plamids, or lysogenic phages (Ref.1). Brucella sp. causes a "zoonotic disease endemic in many areas of the world, characterized by chronic infections in animals leading to abortion and infertility, and a systemic, febrile illness in humans". Brucella melitensis is the cause of brucellosis in goats, cattle, sheep, pigs, dogs, marine mammals, and several wild animals. Goats are the natural hosts for B. melitensis. This bacterium is also the cause of a rarer, more severe systemic infection called neurobrucellosis. Most features related to virulence seem to [...]


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