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Glutathione Metabolism in C. efficiens

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Corynebacterium efficiens is a small, generally nonmotile, Gram-positive, non-sporulating pleomorphic bacillus that enjoys widespread distribution. Corynebacteria are chemoorganotroph and aerobic, or facultatively anaerobic, exhibiting a fermentative metabolism (carbohydrates to lactic acid) under certain conditions. They are fastidious organisms, growing slowly on even an enriched medium. C. efficiens serve for the industrial production of L-Amino acids, in particular L-Glutamic acid (a million tons each year), for a long time. C. efficiens can grow at temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius and this feature is quite beneficial for its industrial use, because fermenters to be used for its cultivation need to be cooled down only to a lesser extent for heat removal (Ref.1).

Glutathione is a thiol compound, present in the highest concentration in [...]


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