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Glutathione Metabolism in C. violaceum

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Chromobacterium violaceum is a Gram-negative bacterium and one of millions of species of free-living microorganisms that populate the soil and water in the extant areas of tropical biodiversity around the world (Ref.1). This bacterium has a versatile energy-generating metabolism and is capable of exploiting a wide range of energy resources by using appropriate oxidases and reductases. This allows C. violaceum to live in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions. Glutathione metabolism in C. violaceum occurs within cells in two closely linked, enzymatically controlled reactions that utilize ATP and draw on nonessential amino acids as substrates. Glutathione is a tripeptide, composed of glutamate, cysteine and glycine, and has numerous important functions within the bacterial cell. This tripeptide is specifically a thiol compound, [...]


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