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Glutathione Metabolism in I. loihiensis

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Idiomarina loihiensis is a deep-sea Gamma-proteobacterium. The bacterial genome encodes diverse peptidases, a variety of peptide and amino acid uptake systems, and versatile signal transduction machinery. In contrast to obligate anaerobic vent hyperthermophiles, I. loihiensis inhabits partially oxygenated cold waters at the periphery of the vent, surviving a wide range of growth temperatures (from 4°C to 46°C) and salinities (from 0.5% to 20% NaCl). The source of amino acids for I. loihiensis growth is the proteinaceous particles, present in the deep sea hydrothermal vent waters. The microbe is an opportunistic colonizer of proteinaceous particles in the deep-sea hydrothermal vent waters and colonizes these particles by using the secreted exopolysaccharide, digest these proteins and metabolize the resulting peptides and amino acids [...]


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