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Glutathione Metabolism in M. musculus

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The tripeptide Glutathione is part of an integrated antioxidant system that protects cells and tissues from oxidative damage. Oxidative stress can result from exposure to excessive amounts of endogenous and exogenous electrophiles (Ref.1). Glutathione exists in two forms. The antioxidant "reduced Glutathione" tripeptide is conventionally called Glutathione and abbreviated Gsh; the oxidized form is a sulfur-sulfur linked compound, known as Glutathione Disulfide or GSSG. The GSSG/Gsh ratio may be a sensitive indicator of oxidative stress. Glutathione has potent electron-donating capacity. The reducing power of Gsh is a measure of its free-radical scavenging, electron-donating, and sulfhydryl-donating capacity. Reducing power is also the key to the multiple actions of Glutathione at the molecular, cellular, and tissue levels, and to its effectiveness as [...]


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