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Glutathione Metabolism in P. putida

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Pseudomonas putida is a microorganism of putrefaction. This Gram-negative bacterium has rod-shaped cell with multitrichous flagella. It is a unique soil microorganism, which can resist the adverse effects of organic solvents. The bacterium is capable of decontaminating organic substances including solvents, such as toluene, one of the components of gasoline. It is an example of an organism that can be used to carry out bioremediation. It is most commonly found in various environments such as various consumer products including paints and solvents. It is also popular as one of safe and effective pesticidal microorganisms. P. putida is a metabolically versatile saprophytic soil bacterium that has been certified as a biosafety host for the cloning of foreign genes. The bacterium also [...]


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