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Glutathione Metabolism in S. oneidensis

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Shewanella oneidensis is a facultative aerobic Gram-negative bacterium. It uses oxygen as the terminal electron acceptor during aerobic respiration, but during anaerobic conditions, S. oneidensis undertakes respiration by reducing alternative terminal electron acceptors such as oxidized metals, fumarate, nitrate etc. The microbe can directly reduce both uranium and chromium from the dissolved liquid state. Such abilities facilitate the removal of dilute metal pollutants in both contained-storage and natural sites. Additionally S. oneidensis immobilizes toxic metals through the formation of insoluble metal sulfides. Thus, the bacterium is an important model organism for bioremediation studies because of its diverse respiratory capabilities, conferred in part by multicomponent, branched electron transport systems. Its genome sequence represents a critical step in the elucidation of the [...]


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2.A mutant Bacillus subtilis gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase specialized in hydrolysis activity.
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