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Glutathione Metabolism in V. fischeri

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Vibrio fischeri is a Gram-negative heterotrophic bacterium, belonging to the Vibrionaceae, a large family within the Gamma-proteobacteria, consisting of many species that are characterized by both cooperative and pathogenic interactions with animal tissue (Ref.1). V. fischeri has a worldwide distribution, principally in temperate and subtropical waters, where it occupies a variety of niches. In addition to being a light-organ symbiont of several species of squids and fishes, this bacterium occurs as a member of the enteric consortia of many marine animals, as a pathogen of certain invertebrates and as a free-living saprophyte growing on dissolved and particulate organic matter. In locations where it forms light-organ symbiosis with animals, free-living V. fischeri cells in seawater serve as the inoculum for the [...]


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