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Glycine and Serine Metabolism in H. sapiens

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Glycine and Serine are two non-essential amino acids in humans, which have important roles in the Central Nervous System. Serine, a constituent of brain proteins and nerve coverings, is important in various processes like dendritic outgrowth, formation of cell membranes, metabolism of Purines and Pyrimidines, Myelin formation and muscle synthesis, synthesis of nucleotides and neuroactive amino acids like D-Serine and Glycine. As a building block of proteins and membrane lipids, it is required for metabolism of fats, cell and tissue growth and in the immune system, it assists in the production of immunoglobulins/antibodies. Serine derivatives (e.g. Ethanolamine) are important components of the membrane phospholipids, whereas Glycine is the simplest, optically inactive, and the second most common amino acid to occur [...]


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