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Glycine, Serine and Threonine Metabolism in G. sulfurreducens

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G. sulfurreducens (Geobacter sulfurreducens), a delta-proteobacterium, is an obligately anaerobic, non-fermentative, non-motile, Gram-negative rod. Geobacter species are of interest because of their novel electron transfer capabilities, impact on the natural environment and their application to the Bioremediation of contaminated environments and harvesting electricity from waste organic matter. G. sulfurreducens breaks down heavy metals and is being used to clean up toxic metal waste sites like Uranium, etc. Central to the metabolism of G. sulfurreducens is the ability to anaerobically oxidize Acetate (an abundant electron donor and carbon source in subsurface zones) completely to CO2 (Carbondioxide) and water using a variety of electron acceptors including metal ions, elemental Sulfur, and Fumarate. The genera Geobacter and Desulfuromonas comprise dissimilative metal-reducing bacteria, which cannot reduce [...]


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