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Glycine, Serine and Threonine Metabolism in S. flexneri 301

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Shigella strains are unusual among enteric bacteria in their ability to gain access to the epithelial cell cytosol, where they replicate and spread directly into adjacent cells. These strains are pathogenic only for human. It invades the epithelium of the colon, resulting in an intense acute inflammatory response. The S. flexneri (Shigella flexneri) serotype 2a is the most prevalent species and serotype that cause Bacillary Dysentery or Shigellosis in man. S. flexneri is commonly found in water polluted with human faeces. It is transmitted in contaminated food or water and through contact between people. Upon infection, humans develop severe abdominal cramps, fever, and frequent passage of bloody stools. Shigellosis is not only a significant cause of infant mortality in developing [...]


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