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Hepatic ABC Transporters

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ABC (ATP-binding cassette) transporters are a large superfamily of integral membrane proteins involved in the cellular export or import of a wide variety of different substances, including ions, lipids, cyclic nucleotides, peptides, and proteins. ABC transporters are systemically classified into eight subfamilies by sequence similarity, i.e., ABCA (ABC1), ABCB (MDR/TAP), ABCC (MRP/CFTR), ABCD (ALD), ABCE (RNAseLI/OABP), ABCF (GCN20), ABCG (White) and ANSA subclass. In general, the transmembrane part of ABC transporters contains a polar channel formed by two homologous domains, each usually consisting of five (uptake transporters) or six (efflux transporters) transmembrane alpha-helices (Ref.1 & 2).

Typically, ABC proteins are relatively specific for a particular set of substrates (except ABCB1). Substrates can be amino acids, sugars, inorganic ions, peptides, proteins, lipids [...]


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