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ICos-ICosL Pathway in T-Helper Cell

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During immune response, T-cells are optimally activated in secondary lymphoid tissues in order to properly migrate into areas of inflamed tissue. Upon antigen recognition via the TCR (T-Cell Receptor)/CD3 (CD3 Antigen) complex, a second co-stimulatory signal from APCs or Antigen-Presenting Cells is necessary for activation of naive T-cells. According to the “Two-Signal Model” for T-cell activation, although the engagement of TCR/CD3 by antigen/MHC (Major Histocompatibility Complex) products is essential for the initial stages of T-cell activation, a second signal termed a co-stimulatory signal is required for clonal expansion and functional differentiation of antigen-specific T-cells. T-cell activation induces co-stimulatory molecules, including the ICOS (Inducible Co-stimulator)/AILIM (Activation-Inducible Lymphocyte Immunomediatory Molecule), which is the third member of the CD28 (Antigen CD28) family and [...]


1.Impaired CD4 and CD8 effector function and decreased memory T cell populations in ICOS-deficient patients.
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2.Critical role of activation-inducible lymphocyte immunomediatory molecule/inducible costimulator in the effector function of human T cells:a comparative in vitro study of effects of its blockade and CD28blockade in human beings and monkeys.
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