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ITK and TCR Signaling

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Development of a proper immune system requires the selection of lymphocytes expressing a useful repertoire of antigen receptors that can respond to foreign or dangerous antigens but not to self. For T-Cells developing in the thymus, these selection processes include both positive and negative selection of immature CD4 and CD8 cells, helping shape the mature T-Cell repertoire. These processes are regulated in large part through the interactions between the TCR (T-Cell Antigen Receptor) expressed on a given thymocyte and peptides presented in the context of either Class-II or Class-I MHC molecules. In T-Cells, at least three Tec Kinases are expressed: Tec, RLK (Resting Lymphocyte Kinase)/TXK and ITK (Inducible T-Cell Kinase), which have expression primarily restricted to the T-Cell lineage and [...]


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