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Jasmonate Biosynthesis in Arabidopsis

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JAs (Jasmonates) are potent Lipid Regulators of Defense gene expression and act in development where they are necessary for fertility. The Jasmonate Pathway performs critical roles in Plant Defense, Development, and Metabolism, and it has received its name from MJ (Methyl Jasmonate), a fragrance from scented Jasmine flowers long used in the perfume industry. JA is derived from the Unsaturated Fatty Acid LA (Linolenic Acid) (18:3), an Octadecanoid that is highly abundant in membranes of Higher Plants. Apparently JAs can also be biosynthesized from Hexadecatrienoic Acid (16:3) in many plants, including Arabidopsis. A Phospholipase-A, DAD1 (Defective Anther Dehiscence-1) is responsible for release of LA from membrane lipids. DAD1 has an N-terminal Chloroplast transit peptide, and accumulates in Chloroplasts. DAD1 is [...]


1.The DEFECTIVE IN ANTHER DEHISCIENCE gene encodes a novel phospholipase A1 catalyzing the initial step of jasmonic acid biosynthesis, which synchronizes pollen maturation, anther dehiscence, and flower opening in Arabidopsis.
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