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Jasmonate Signaling in Arabidopsis

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JAs (Jasmonates) are Fatty Acid–derived Signaling molecules involved in the regulation of many Physiological and Developmental Processes in Plants, including Root Growth, Tuberization, Fruit Ripening, Senescence, Tendril Coiling, and Pollen Development. They are also important Regulators of Plant responses to Environmental Stress, such as Ozone Exposure, Wounding, Water Deficit, and Pathogen and Pest Attack. For most of these Stress situations, the precise plant response is not activated only by JAs but is the result of a network of interactions between different signaling pathways. Several examples of cross talk between JAs and other hormonal pathways, such as ET (Ethylene), SA (Salicylic Acid), Auxins, or ABA (Abscisic Acid), have been reported. JA also inhibits Seed Germination in several species and is believed [...]


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