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LDLR Biosynthesis and Transport

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Cholesterol is an important component of cell membrane, and a precursor of Steroid hormones, vitamin D3, and Biliairy Acids. Cell Cholesterol homeostasis is under the control of endogenous Cholesterol synthesis, Cholesterol secretion, and of Lipoprotein Receptor activities that enrich the cell in Cholesterol. Lipoprotein Receptors play an important role in Lipoprotein metabolism and in Cellular Cholesterol homeostasis. LDLs (Low Density Lipoproteins) are the major carriers of Cholesterol as CE (Cholesteryl Esters) in humans. Elevated LDL Cholesterol (>130-160 mg/dl) is one of the major risk factors for CHD (Coronary Heart Disease). For every 1% increase in LDL-Cholesterol, the risk for CHD is increased by 1%-2%. Furthermore, reduction of LDL-Cholesterol dramatically reduces the risk of CHD by the same amount. Thus, the [...]


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