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MNAR-PELP1 and Estrogen Receptor Interaction

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Estrogen contributes to the development of three of the top five cancers of women--those of the breast, uterus, and ovaries--which together account for an estimated 240,000 new cancer cases a year in the United States alone (Ref.1). The ER (Estrogen Receptor) signaling pathway is implicated in the progression of cancer tumorigenesis and the activity of the hormone receptor is regulated by ligands (Estrogens), and coactivators or corepressors (Ref.2). MNAR (Modulator of Nongenomic Activity Of Estrogen Receptor)/PELP1 (Proline Glutamic Acid-Rich Nuclear Protein)/p160, a recently identified novel coactivator of ERs, has been shown to be amplified and overexpressed in breast cancer cell lines, whose expression in some cases, may be as high as, 3-5 times higher in breast tumors than in normal [...]


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