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Mismatch Repair in Eukaryotes

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The major DNA Repair mechanisms take advantage of the facts that DNA is double-stranded and the same information is present in both strands. Consequently, in cases where damage is present in just one strand, the damage can be accurately repaired by cutting it out (excision) and replacing it with new DNA synthesized using the complementary strand as template. All organisms, prokaryotic and eukaryotic, employ at least three excision mechanisms: Mismatch Repair, Base Excision Repair, And Nucleotide Excision Repair. Mismatch repair successfully meets a number of challenges. First, it recognizes a wide spectrum of rare mismatches, embedded in millions of correctly base-pairing nucleotides. Second, mismatch repair unequivocally discriminates between a correct nucleotide in the template strand and a perfectly normal, but [...]


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