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Mouse Early Embryo Development

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Embryonic development is the generation of a multicellular organism from a single cell. During this process, tissues and organs are differentiated and positioned at different parts of the organism. In animals, Embryonic development consists of 4 stages: Cleavage, Patterning, Differentiation and Growth. Mammalian Cleavage is strikingly different from most other patterns of Embryonic cell division. The mammalian oocyte is released from the ovary and swept by the fimbriae into the oviduct. The mature oocyte is surrounded by a protective coat of noncellular material (made of extracellular matrix and glycoproteins), called the Zona pellucida. Fertilization occurs in the ampulla of the oviduct, a region close to the ovary. For fertilization to occur, a haploid sperm cell must bind to and penetrate [...]


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