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NF-KappaB (p50-p65) Pathway

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Survival of an organism is dependent on its ability to rapidly and effectively respond to adverse changes in its environment. Eukaryotic cells possess a number of distinct signal transduction pathways that couple environmental stimuli to specific changes of gene expression. One such pathway is the transcription factor NF-KappaB (Nuclear Factor-KappaB), which is implicated in the regulation of many genes that code for mediators of apoptosis, viral replication, tumorigenesis, various autoimmune diseases and inflammatory responses (Ref.1). NF-KappaB is composed of homo- and heterodimeric complexes of members of the Rel (NF-KappaB) family: p50, p65 (RelA), c-Rel, p52 and RelB. The most common and best-characterized form of NF-KappaB is the p65/p50 heterodimer. Each dimer combination exhibits differences in DNA binding affinity and transactivation potential. The activation of NF-KappaB is thought to be part of a [...]


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