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NF-KappaB Family Pathway

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NF-KappaB (Nuclear Factor-KappaB) is a heterodimeric protein composed of different combinations of members of the Rel family of transcription factors. The Rel/ NF-KappaB family of transcription factors are involved mainly in stress-induced, immune, and inflammatory responses. In addition, these molecules play important roles during the development of certain hemopoietic cells, keratinocytes, and lymphoid organ structures. More recently, NF-KappaB family members have been implicated in neoplastic progression and the formation of neuronal synapses. NF-KappaB is also an important regulator in cell fate decisions, such as programmed cell death and proliferation control, and is critical in tumorigenesis (Ref.1).

NF-KappaB is composed of homo- and heterodimers of five members of the Rel family including NF-KappaB1(p50), NF-KappaB2 (p52), RelA (p65), RelB, and c-Rel (Rel). Hetero and Homo-dimerization of NF-KappaB proteins which exhibit differential binding specificities includes p50/RelA, p50/c-Rel, p52/c-Rel, p65/c-Rel, RelA/RelA, p50/p50, [...]


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