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Neuropathic Pain-Signaling in Dorsal Horn Neurons

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Living organisms need to sense noxious stimuli in their immediate environment to avoid potentially hazardous situations and thus survive. To this end, multicellular creatures have evolved a specialized apparatus: the Nociceptors to differentiate innocuous from noxious stimuli. Multiple transduction molecules within the Nociceptor enable the organisms for sensing heat, cold; for perceiving noxious mechanical sensations; and, for detecting noxious chemicals. Activation of sufficient numbers of such transducing molecules in peripheral Nociceptors in skin and muscle or in visceral organs initiates action potentials, which are conducted through thin unmyelinated C fibers and myelinated A-Delta fibers to the CNS (Central Nervous System). The signal is first conducted to second-order sensory Neuron in the spinal dorsal horn, and then through supraspinal pathways to [...]


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