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Nur77-Induced AICD in Macrophage

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PCD (Programmed Cell Death), often referred to as Apoptosis, is a genetically regulated, self-destructive cellular process found in metazoans. It eliminates individual cells when they are no longer needed in development, tissue remodeling, or immune regulation, as well as in various diseases. In immune cells, Apoptosis is a key phenomenon in AICD (Activation-Induced Cell Death) (Ref.1). Macrophages are specialized phagocytes responsible for ingesting and digesting senescent, dead, and damaged cells in many tissues as well as microorganisms. These are regarded as very important players in innate immunity because of their nonselective response to almost all infectious microorganisms. Because Macrophages play such a crucial role in immunity as well as in remodeling tissues, the life span of activated Macrophages is important [...]


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