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PKC-Theta Pathway

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An effective immune response depends on the ability of specialized immunocytes to identify foreign molecules and respond by differentiation into mature effector cells. A cell-surface antigen recognition apparatus and a complex intracellular receptor-coupled signal-transducing machinery mediate this tightly regulated process, which operate at high fidelity to discriminate self from nonself antigens. Activation of T-Cell requires sustained physical interaction of the TCR (T-Cell Receptor) with a MHC (Major Histocompatibility Complex)–presented peptide antigen that results in a temporal and spatial reorganization of multiple cellular elements at the T-Cell–Antigen Presenting Cell contact region, a specialized region referred to as the IS (Immunological Synapse) or Supramolecular Activation Cluster. Recent studies have identified PKC-Theta (Protein Kinase-C-Theta), a member of the Ca2+-independent PKC family, as an essential component [...]


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