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Progesterone-Induced Oocyte Maturation in X. laevis

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Female fertility requires precise regulation of oocyte meiosis. Females from nearly every species of animal are born with their full complement of oocytes; however, these immature oocytes remain arrested in Prophase-I of meiosis, till the time of ovulation (Ref.1). During this long period of Prophase arrest, the oocyte becomes enclosed into a follicle, and the follicle-enclosed oocyte grows, accumulates molecular reserves and acquires its competence in an orderly manner for completion of meiotic divisions, fertilization and early embryonic development. The Prophase block is released when oocyte growth is completed (i.e., at the time of ovulation) (Ref.2). Just before ovulation, Gonadotropins stimulate ovarian follicular development, which in turn promotes oocytes to mature, by reentering the meiotic cycle. Oocyte maturation is defined [...]


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