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Rotavirus Induced Diarrhea

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Acute gastroenteritis is among the most common illnesses of humankind, and its associated morbidity and mortality are greatest among those at the extremes of age, children and the elderly. In developing countries, gastroenteritis is a common cause of death in children that can be linked to a wide variety of pathogens. Much of the gastroenteritis in children is caused by viruses belonging to four distinct families-Rotaviruses, Caliciviruses, Astroviruses and Adenoviruses. Viral gastroenteritis occurs with two epidemiologic patterns, diarrhea that is endemic in children and outbreaks that affect people of all ages. Viral diarrhea in children is caused by Group-A Rotavirus and the illness affects all children worldwide in the first few years of life regardless of their level of hygiene, [...]


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