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SREBP Proteolysis

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Cellular Lipid homeostasis in mammalian cells is regulated through the end-product feedback regulation of Lipid synthesis by a family of membrane-bound transcription factors designated SREBPs (Sterol Regulatory Element–Binding Proteins) that control the flux of cellular metabolites into the major Lipid pathways. The mammalian cell continuously adjusts its Sterol content by regulating levels of key Sterol synthetic enzymes and levels of Lipoprotein receptors that mediate uptake of Cholesterol-laden particles. Control is brought about by SREBPs, which monitor the Sterol-regulated transcription and directly activate the expression of more than 30 relevant genes dedicated to the synthesis and uptake of Cholesterol, Fatty Acids, Triglycerides, and Phospholipids, as well as the NADPH cofactor required to synthesize these molecules. SREBP proteolysis, which refers to the [...]


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