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Semaphorin Signaling

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The semaphorins are a family of growth cone guidance molecules, conserved from insects to mammals, which includes proteins strongly implicated in mediating repulsive guidance during neurodevelopment and neuronal regeneration. The range of neurons responsive to semaphorins is extensive and includes dorsal root ganglion, sympathetic, motor, cerebellar, hippocampal, olfactory and corticospinal neurons. Currently, more than 20 members have been identified and they all share a conserved, 500 amino acid residue Sema domain near their amino terminus. Semaphorins are divided into eight classes according to species of origin and structural similarities. The best characterized class of the Semaphorin family is Class 3 Semaphorins. Currently, six members have been identified (Sema3A–F), which has been implicated in cell migration, tumor growth and the immune [...]


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