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Shedding of MICA-B Antigens

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T cell responses against tumors require the recognition of specific peptides derived from tumor antigens in association with MIC (MHC Class I Molecules) by CD81 T cells expressing TCRs (T Cell Receptors). Such response generates intracellular antigen processing which are highly selective and binds only to some of the numerous polymorphic MHC class I molecules and often-impaired expression of MHC class I on tumor cells. Human gamma delta T cells are MICA (MHC-Class-Ipolypeptide-Related sequence-A) and MICB (MHC-Class-Ipolypeptide-Related sequence-B), which are distantly related to MHC class I but are functionally distinct. These molecules have no role in the presentation of intracellular peptide antigens instead MICA and MICB are closely related and functionally indistinguishable . The MHC class I molecules play important [...]


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